CW offers digital health scanner

Powered by HPE technology, a digital health and wellbeing scanner is now available at Chemist Warehouse (CW), giving customers the ability to measure physiological signs using smark phone camera sensors.

The health and wellbeing scanner was developed by Nicholas Harris, an exercise physiologist and CEO and Founder of HPE (Human Performance Engineering Ltd), and uses camera sensors – like those on a smartphone – to remotely measure physiological signs using propriety AI and generate predictive insight.

The scanner – offered as an app – has the ability to measure heart rate, breathing, Sp02 and HRV.

The technology uses a camera to analyse the light absorption of the blood flowing under your skin.

AI then interprets this data to measure your physiological signs in real-time.

It’s said to be non-contact, quick and effective.

“At a time when monitoring our health and wellness has never been more important, we are excited to partner with the Chemist Warehouse to offer their customers our truly innovative software solution that can enable any camera sensor on any device to scan your face and measure heart rate, heart rate variation, blood oxygen, breathing rate and stress levels,” says Mr Harris.

As part of the upcoming 2023 Australian Open (AO), the Chemist Warehouse health and wellbeing scanner, powered by HPE technology will be activated within the Chemist Warehouse AO precinct store, with customers able to visit the space and trial the new technology.

The AO store is open daily from 10am – 8pm throughout the iconic Australian Open Grand Slam.

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