Eagle Health launches Expert Voice

Eagle Natural Health has launched Expert Voice, a new podcast series.

The series has been created with the objective of helping natural healthcare practitioners remain at the forefront of the industry by providing an educational tool for them to share with their patients.

The series covers topics across lifestyle and nutrition, stress and toxicity, healthy ageing, gut health, mental health, and more.

Integrative GP, Dr Joe Kosterich, presents the first of the series, discussing the importance of lifestyle factors in maintaining overall wellbeing and why he believes an integrative approach is the way forward.

Dr Beth Steels, Nutritional Biochemist and Researcher, delves into the frontiers of nutritional psychiatry with a growing number of trials demonstrating the link between nutrition and mental health.

Naturopath Teneille Newton examines the modern scourge of stress toxicity.

Naturopath Daniel Roytas reframes the approach to bone health, challenging the reactive health strategies and prompting healthcare practitioners to proactively address bone health throughout a patient’s life, especially during the formative years of adolescence.

Sports Dietitian Ryan Pinto explains how healthcare practitioners can help their patients adopt the regimes and health habits of elite athletes to help them achieve optimal nutritional.

Associate Professor and Naturopath Teresa Mitchell-Paterson discusses advances in microbiome research, leaky gut, and why practitioners should focus on gut health to drive better health outcomes for their patients.

Ayuverdic Naturopath and Compound Pharmacist Vanita Dahia recognises denaturing is part of nature, but puts forward how the speed and impact of ageing can be managed at every stage of life.

Integrative cardiologist Dr Ross Walker discusses the focus on heart disease prevention and optimal heart health, including the role of lifestyle and supplementation in helping to reduce the rising risk of modern day diseases such as cardiovascular disease.

For more information download: https://eaglenaturalhealth.com.au/podcast/


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