FIP Congress hails the ‘century of pharmacists’

Having shared details of a new global strategy at this week’s World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Abu Dhabi, International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) President Dominique Jordan told the assembled delegates, “the 21st century will be the century of pharmacists”.

In his opening address, Mr Jordan outlined FIP’s new strategy, ‘One FIP’, and said the intended outcomes included everyone having access to medicines, and decreasing the gaps in pharmaceutical science, practice and education between different regions of the world.

“All pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists and educators have a key role in this, and in the evolution of the profession around the world”, he said. “We know all pharmaceutical professionals must adapt to new challenges and be integrated partners in the health system.

Having suggested ‘the 21st century will be the century of pharmacists’, Mr Jordan reminded the audience – including Queensland’s Lucy Walker, owner of the 2017 Pharmacy Guild Pharmacy of the Year – pharmacists can play an active role in all 10 of the current threats to global health identified by the World Health Organisation.

In line with the new strategy, Mr Jordan said FIP is working on Global Development Goals that will incorporate its existing goals for pharmaceutical workforce development alongside those for services, patient and public needs, and innovations in practice and science. These goals will be underpinned by FIP standards and evidence.

“FIP has the ambition to lead the development of a humanitarian framework, applicable to all professions,” Mr Jordan said.

The six aims of the One FIP strategy are:

  • Everyone has access to the medicines they need.
  • Everyone has access to the health and medicines-related information they need.
  • Everyone benefits from new medicines, services and health technologies.
  • Pharmacists ensure the responsible and quality use of medicines.
  • Healthcare professionals and patients work together to ensure comprehensive healthcare for all.
  • FIP is a vibrant and growing organisation that meets the needs and functions of its members.

FIP is also in the process of developing a Global Pharmacy Observatory, aimed at providing valuable pharmacy data from around the world. The new strategy will be delivered at global and local levels, through new programs such as regional conferences.


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