Free Covid-19 vaccination eligibility tool

The Australasian College of Pharmacy (The College), in partnership with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Queensland Branch (The Guild), is launching a new vaccination eligibility tool nationally to provide Australians with access to real-time information about when they may be able to access their Covid-19 vaccination.

The is a simple digital tool where consumers are asked to answer a series of questions to determine which phase of the Government’s Covid-19 National Vaccination rollout they belong to and inform them when they may be able to receive their vaccine.

The College’s newly elected CEO, Dr Dimitri Kopanakis, says the tool was created in partnership with the Guild to raise community awareness about the vaccine rollout phases and to ensure greater community confidence.

“Pharmacists work each and every day supporting their local communities. This eligibility tool is yet another way of educating the community, and supporting pharmacists, by providing Australians with clear and concise information.

“The eligibility tool is another way the College is able to provide an educational tool. The tool free-of-charge and will notify Australians of any changes to the rollout schedule,” says Dr Dimitri Kopanakis.

Key features of the eligibility tool include informing users of their phase of the vaccine rollout, a ‘push’ feature keeping Australians updated to any changes to their eligibility, and a reminder when their phase is commencing.

Importantly, once Phase 2A commences the tool will also assist in providing information to patients on obtaining their vaccination, including how to make an appointment.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Queensland Branch President, Professor Trent Twomey, says he was pleased to partner with the Australasian College of Pharmacy to develop this eligibility tool and continue to support local communities.

“Throughout the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, community pharmacies have been at the forefront of supporting Australian patients.

“As we move forward, we’ll continue to be on the frontline and join the nationwide effort to administer the Covid-19 vaccine to millions of Australians from phase 2A of the rollout and provide patients with the tools and resources to ensure they remain up to date with the latest information.

“For several years community pharmacies across Australia have been safely and intimately involved in the rollout of critical vaccination programs. The rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine is the most important health initiative in our generation,” says Professor Twomey.


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