Get your breasts checked!

Following the news that Britain’s Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York has recently been diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer, which was detected through a routine mammogram, and has undergone surgery, the Breast Cancer Network Australian (BCNA) is reminding Australians to get their breasts checked!

According to the BCNA, the risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer over a lifetime is 1 in 7 for women and 1 in 555 for men.

The benefits of early detection include increased survival rates, increased treatment options and improved quality of life post-diagnosis.

BCNA’s Director of Policy, Advocacy and Support Services, Vicki Durston reminds women over 40 who do not have any breast cancer symptoms that they are entitled to a free mammogram every two years through BreastScreen.

“After Covid, there was a 9% national decline in participation rates for breast screening, so this is an important reminder of the importance of screening and early detection,” says Ms Durston.

Even if you are having regular screening mammograms, you should still see your doctor if you notice any change in your breasts.

For those at increased risk or at very high risk of developing breast cancer, a more tailored screening program can be offered and is best discussed with your GP.

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