Guild’s new Executive Director Suzanne Greenwood hints at changes ahead

Suzanne Greenwood, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s new Executive Director, has introduced herself in an open letter that gives a glimpse into her style, focus and potential approach to the role, and it could be that change is in the air.

Ms Greenwood will be at Pharmacy Connect in Sydney this week from Sept 5-7 where the theme is ‘Bringing Together Clinical, Business & Industry’ and is looking forward to meeting many [Guild] members there.

The conference features a two-day education program, trade exhibition and also social events, which Ms Greenwood said, “are a great opportunity to meet your colleagues, renew acquaintances and make some new friends”.

In her letter, Ms Greenwood hinted at a willingness to embrace change, saying “with a strong female workforce and ownership statistics, community pharmacy is a highly industrious and entrepreneurial sector.

“I will be considering how we leverage that into the future in my delivery of the Judy Liauw address at the [Pharmacy Connect] conference this Saturday, titled ‘Back to the future – our traditions informing innovation’.”

Ms Greenwood is also particularly looking forward to international guest speaker, Professor Ross Tsuyuki’s address at the conference, in which he plans to challenge pharmacist’s thinking with the premise, “The biggest enemy of pharmacists are … pharmacists”.

Speaking of Professor Tsuyuki’s forthcoming speech, Ms Greenwood said, “It sounds like some insightful tips on reframing our thinking to embed pharmacists as healthcare professionals are on the way”.


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