iNova’s iPitch encourages product innovation through crowdsourcing

iNova Pharmaceuticals invites consumer health product developers worldwide to submit product innovations to iPitch its collaborative new crowdsourcing project.

Starting with four carefully curated product-based challenges, iPitch aims to draw out fresh ideas and prospective business partnerships from anyone with ideas for a product or device that has the potential for commercialisation according to criteria set out for each challenge.

The challenges, which opened on September 23 and close on November 4, cover the sore throat challenge; the vaporising delivery system challenge; the wound and scar challenge; and a wild card challenge.

iNova’s Executive Director and Head of Innovation Filomena Maiese believes there are “great consumer health product innovations out there that haven’t yet been commercialised and product developers who may not have the expertise or resources to bring their innovations to market”.

“We are looking for efficacious, evidence-based products with innovative formulations and novel formats,” Ms Maiese said. “We want to partner with innovators to deliver next-generation solutions to delight our consumers.”

The pharmaceutical company’s CEO Dan Spira comments that iNova has a diverse stable of products, a multi-national footprint, a well-established operating platform and a broad distribution network across 20 countries in Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Written submissions will initially be assessed by an internal panel of judges. Select submissions for each challenge will then be short-listed for the iPitch Slam, where applicants will have the opportunity deliver their pitch in person.

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