Juliet Richards to speak at PSA Expert Interview

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia’s National Conference from July 26-28 focuses on the theme ‘Pharmacists in 2023.

General practice pharmacist, credentialed diabetes educator, health coach and co-author of ‘What am I Taking?’ Juliet Richards, will hone in on that during the Expert Interview on Saturday, July 27.

On July 27, Ms Richards will share her knowledge and experience with the aim to equip pharmacists with skills, confidence and practical insights to recognise and better engage people with diabetes.

“Pharmacists are a critical point of psychological support, education and encouragement for people with diabetes- we can empower them to overcome difficulties and achieve better health for themselves,” she said.

Ms Richards is also the founder of Adelaide’s multi-disciplinary Diabetes and Health Clinic service, which also focuses on behaviour change counselling.

“I will explain to pharmacists how to engage with people with diabetes to drive behavioural change and implement support strategies that result in positive outcomes.”

The Expert Interview will ensure that a pharmacist can:

  • Recognise patients experiencing diabetes-related distress, requiring behavioural interventions.
  • Identify the most appropriate questions to engage patients and be responsive to their needs.
  • Describe how psychological care can be integrated into pharmacy practice to optimise the health outcomes and improve quality of life of people with diabetes.
  • Explain how to work with people with diabetes to drive behavioural change and implement support strategies to achieve positive outcomes.


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