Minfos integrates with MIMS clinical decision support knowledge base

Minfos has collaborated with Monthly Index of Medical Specialities (MIMS) to incorporate their drug to drug and drug-allergy interaction alert modules into the Minfos dispense workflow.

This enables Minfos to access the MIMS evidence based, up-to-date clinical information, which can help pharmacists deliver faster and more accurate patient care. This feature is now available to all Minfos pharmacies as part of their subscription.

“We have invested in integrating with MIMS to help support our pharmacies in preventing adverse drug events occurring from negative drug interactions and allergies to medication. We believe this will help pharmacists to improve the quality of patient care by utilising accurate and up to date information at the point of clinical intervention,” said Andrew Hall, Symbion General Manager for Pharmacy Technology.

This Minfos and MIMS integration does not replace eMIMS reference products from MIMS (which is a Pharmacy Board requirement at each pharmacy). It does, however, provide pharmacists with a streamlined dispense functionality to help accurately safeguard the dispense process and proactively improve patient care.

Robert Best, CEO for MIMS Australia and New Zealand said, “This integration delivers evidence- based clinical decision support to pharmacists directly from Minfos Dispense to reduce the chance of medication errors. It will provide pharmacists with clear warnings on interactions between drugs and alerts for patient’s known allergy events, enabling them to conduct clinical interventions with more information, and allowing them to spend quality time with their patients. Put simply, when a new drug is dispensed, Minfos will automatically access the MIMS clinical decision support modules and will issue any drug interaction or allergy warning based on the patient’s medication history stored in Minfos. For pharmacists, this ultimately means greater peace of mind and improved patient care.”

To find out more about the integration contact Minfos on 1300 887 418.

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