More Australians smiling less

Despite the fact that many of us recognise the power of the smile, a study released by SmileDirectClub reveals that more than half of Australian adults admit they smile 10 times or less per day.

According to the study, the reason for many smiling less frequently is that many are self-conscious about their teeth.

The SmileDirectClub study reveals that 45% of Australians believe there is something wrong with their teeth when they smile – 12% being embarrassed of their smile because their teeth aren’t straight enough; 34% believe their teeth aren’t white enough; 14% believe their teeth have gaps.

“Through this research we have found that Aussies may not be aware that your smile is a powerful tool when it comes to changing your mind and body,” says SmileDirectClub’s Australian Marketing Director Niki Brown. 

“This tiny space from ear to ear gives you a lot of control. Smiling releases dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin in your brain.

“Each of these substances acts as a natural pain reliever and mood elevator that enhances your overall well-being.” 

The research also reveals the benefits Australians would reap from improving their smile, with 23% citing it would give them a confidence boost and inspire them to make other positive lifestyle changes.

These positive lifestyle changes include:

  • Going to the gym more (10%).
  • Asking someone new out on a date (8%).
  • Going for a new promotion (10%).
  • Having more photos taken of themselves (20%)

A new smile could be life changing for many.  

But what’s holding them back?

The study reveals more than half of Australians (56%) are being held back from getting a smile they love because of cost (31%), inconvenience (15%) and the fact that it would take time to achieve desired results (12%). 

SmileDirectClub say their mission is to help more Australians get a smile they love through affordable, accessible, and convenient oral care.

They offer a telehealth service that removes the hassle of in-office check-ins and can be done completely remotely – a service that more than half (51%) of Australian adults are reportedly unaware exists. 

SmileDirectClub say they understand the positive impact a smile has on one’s confidence.

Since its launch in Australia in 2019, SmileDirectClub has helped more than 10s of thousands of Australians transform their smiles through its telehealth platform for orthodontia. 

“The research results give us an insight into Australia’s smiling habits in 2022,” says Ms Brown.

“We’ve learned Australia can recognise the value of a smile, but when it comes to getting a smile they love, they are being held back by barriers faced with traditional orthodontia.

“We are here to help Aussies overcome these obstacles and to find a confident smile which they love.

We have pioneered a unique telehealth platform to connect customers with an affiliated network of Australian registered dentists and orthodontists who prescribe, manage, and direct all aspects of clinical care using our platform.

“Bottom line, we are here to empower our nation with the confidence that comes with getting a smile they love.”  

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