Mother’s Day isn’t always a celebration

While it’s a day of flowers, chocolate, breakfast in bed and celebration for many, for those who have lost their mother, Mother’s Day can lead to feelings of overwhelming sadness and isolation.

That’s why Motherless Daughters Australia (MDA) is encouraging everyone who will experience the joy of spending time with their mum this Sunday (8 May) to acknowledge and support those who are navigating life without their mother.

One way to support and acknowledge those whose mother has died is through the Draw Her Wings initiative – drawing a heart shape with a halo and using the hashtag: #Drawherwings.

As people become increasingly aware of this initiative, the MDA says that the wings are appearing on car windows, beaches, as coffee art, and even as tattoos.

“Whether it’s been a few months or 50 years, no one gets over losing their mother but they do learn to live with it and everyone does that differently,” says Danielle Snelling, Co-Founder of Motherless Daughters Australia.

“Let someone know you are thinking of them, say their mum’s name and let’s remember all mothers on Mother’s Day including those who now have wings.”

Friends in Grief

According to the MDA, mother loss has a life-altering impact, particularly on girls and women.

A survey conducted by the organisation reveals that 67% of women have either been diagnosed with or suffer from anxiety as a result of the loss of their mother.

The survey reveals also that 60% of women report depression, while reports of psychological trauma, memory loss, behavioural/social problems, and a tendency to abuse drugs or alcohol are also reported. An overwhelming 80% reported that the loss of their mum contributed to the conditions above.

In response, the MDA launched their Friends in Grief initiative in 2021, which aims to connect women with others whose mothers died at a similar age and in similar circumstances.

To learn more about the MDA and the Draw Her Wings initiative, visit:

If you’re struggling with grief and loss this Mother’s Day, reach out to your healthcare provider or Lifeline (13 11 14) for support. In the case of emergency call 000 or visit your nearest Emergency Department. 


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