New identity for Glaucoma Australia

Glaucoma Australia has launched its new, contemporary brand identity with a new logo and the accompanying tagline ‘Saving sight”.

The re-branding comes at a time when the organisation is evolving the services it provides to glaucoma patients and health care providers and is in response to market research carried out by the organisation.

Glaucoma Australia CEO Annie Gibbins said, “all companies and organisations need to stay up to date and accurately reflect stakeholder needs”.

“Our market research around the past, present and future direction of Glaucoma Australia has that indicated that perhaps one key element (our brand identity) has not kept pace with the evolution of the organisation and the environment in which we operate,” she said.

“After many years with our logo, we felt it was time to update our brand identity, ensuring it reflects the more modern, active and relevant organisation we are becoming.”

Glaucoma Australia Manager – Online Marketing and Customer Engagement, Gillian Hopkins said “The spherical graphic of the new brand identity is a modern interpretation of an eye.

“It has been developed to be representative of the continuing cycle of care, intraocular pressure and peripheral vision. Its fresh, cool, relaxed colour palette denotes calmness and embodies our aim of easing the glaucoma journey with support and knowledge.”

Ms Hopkins explained that the new brand approaches the depiction of an eye in an abstract, contemporary and easily interpreted form, reflecting both the variance of the disease and its progress, as well as the significant breadth of support provided by Glaucoma Australia.

“The new identity positions Glaucoma Australia as a confident, modern organisation whose work is centred around, and dedicated to, saving sight.” she added.

The new brand identity will be formally launched ahead of World Glaucoma Week on 10 – 16 March.  It will be rolled-out across all collateral in the coming months.

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