New study confirms efficacy of drug delivery technology

Australian medicinal cannabis developer, Bod Science, has released the results of the second pharmacokinetic (PK) study for Aqua Phase, a game-changing technology that acts as a drug delivery system to make water-hating (or lipophilic) drugs, such as cannabinoids (CBD), water-soluble.

The most recent study demonstrates that Aqua Phase delivers six times greater bioavailability in comparison to CBD oil, as well as triple the maximum concentration levels. It also showed that Aqua Phase is fast-acting, reaching its maximum concentration in two an a half hours as compared to six hours for CBD oil. This significantly enhances its absorption and tolerability for users, with no taste or smell, and will go a long way in improving existing lipophilic products used to help a number of health conditions.

“In particular, the enhanced tolerability of Aqua Phase has the potential to improve the experience of patients who can’t tolerate the oils used in most CBD products. Excessive oil consumption can cause various digestive symptoms such as nausea and indigestion,” explained Janet Wilson, Head of Research & Development at Bod.

Aqua Phase’s boosted bioavailability also has the potential to reduce adverse side-effects of lipophilic drugs, while also reducing dose levels and increasing absorption. Lipophilic drugs can pose certain challenges in terms of their formulation, absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion.

Jo Patterson, CEO of Bod, said this creates scope for Bod to pivot from being a CBD-focused drug developer to one that enters the broader medicines market globally.

“This is an important advancement for the global pharma industry and has the potential to redefine the pharmaceutical market for lipophilic compounds across the world,” she said.

Aqua Phase is delivered in a dry powder form, giving it the versatility to be adapted into multiple formats including capsules, creams and aqueous solutions.

“With Aqua Phase, we have a significant opportunity to reshape food and beverage markets across the globe,” continued Patterson. “In its powder format, we can add lipophilic compounds like CBD to sports drinks and even go a step further in adding them to oral products and topical creams in the burgeoning nutraceutical industry.

“From a healthcare perspective, Aqua Phase is a game-changer. It will enhance the wellbeing and quality of life for those who are taking CBD to support a number of medical conditions and paves the way to further strengthen the quality and efficacy of life-changing drugs, both in development and currently in the market,” Patterson concluded.


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