Pharmacy focused podcasts

The dynamic community pharmacy environment can at times make it difficult for pharmacy owners to keep up with the latest developments that can assist in the running of their businesses.

Recognising the time constraints faced by pharmacy owners, the Pharmacy Guild has developed a series of podcasts designed for pharmacy owners.

The Pharmacy Business and Career Network Podcasts focus on pharmacy management and ownership and support the improvement and growth of business performance with insights and advice from a range of industry professionals and successful pharmacy owners.

The Guild believe they will equip early career pharmacists with the skills, tools and professional networks needed to help them become leaders in the primary healthcare system and owners of community pharmacies.

Podcasts available include:

  • Leasing
  • Community engagement
  • Business management
  • Diversifying pharmacy income
  • Buying and selling pharmacies

Having this resource available as podcasts means the information needed to keep up to date can be accessed at any time that is convenient including in store, at home or in the car.

The library of podcasts will be updated and expanded as the Guild supports members in their business development and growth.

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