Preparation and immune support key this flu season

As winter cold and flu cases soar, a new survey emphasises that preparation and immune support is key. 

A new study by YouGov, which was commissioned by Australian practitioner-only nutritional and therapeutic supplements company, BioCeuticals reveals that almost all Australians have worries when it comes to catching a cold or flu this winter.

With the nation facing a surge in cold and flu cases, the report titled ‘The cost of a lost winter: Australians’ preparedness and attitudes to winter cold and flu’ explores how ready Australians are for this year’s cold and flu season, as well as what concerns them when it comes to getting sick.

While 70% of Aussies are doing more now to prevent sickness than they did two years ago, according to the study around half of all Australians feel only ‘somewhat prepared’ for the winter cold and flu season (46%). Despite some being prepared, over 9 in 10 Australians have worries when it comes to getting sick (91%).

“Viruses thrive in cold conditions and at the same time, we’re also facing a big spike in cold and flu this winter due to the weakening of our immune systems, caused by less exposure to viruses since the pandemic,” says Practitioner Business Director at BioCeuticals, Jacqui O’Donnell.

“While sickness is a natural part of life, it’s important we feel confident in the measures we take to support the immunity of ourselves and loved ones, whether that be through diet, hygiene measures, lifestyle or even the addition of immune-supporting supplements.”

Ms O’Donnell says that while it catching a cold or flu can be unavoidable, we can take steps to support our immune health and to be as healthy as possible.

“It’s as much about supporting our immunity to mitigate sickness, as it is putting ourselves in a strong position so that we get back the time, money, productivity and fun we lose when we fall ill,” she says.

BioCeuticals’ ArmaForce range

BioCeuticals’ ArmaForce range combines Blackmores Institute’s work around supporting immunity with the innate healing power of nature, providing an immune-supporting tool that works as a good option in an individual’s holistic health regime.

BioCeuticals’ range of immune-supporting ArmaForce products provides comprehensive practitioner-designed immune health support for Australian families across all stages of one’s common cold journey, helping to support Australia’s immune health.

This includes its hero products: ArmaForce; ArmaForce Daily Protect, which supports immunity; ArmaForce Recover, which assists the recovery from illness and relieves tiredness; as well as ArmaForce for Juniors, MumCare, ImmunoBurst, Throat Relief and Cough Relief.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

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