PSA funding: three more years

The federal government will continue funding the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia as a national peak health body.

PSA National President Dr Shane Jackson says the commitment confirms the role PSA plays as a peak health advisory body representing Australia’s pharmacists.

“We are exceptionally proud to represent pharmacists in all locations and sectors, including community, hospital and academia,” he said, thanking the government for its “support of PSA and our work in continuing to improve Australia’s health through its leadership of the pharmacy profession”.

“PSA believes the expertise of pharmacists can be better utilised to address the healthcare needs of all Australians,” he said.

“There’s no doubt that we can improve healthcare by optimising the role of pharmacists as healthcare professionals and as leaders in quality use of medicines.”

Dr Jackson says the PSA has a strong and engaged membership base of medicine experts providing high quality healthcare for all Australians.

The PSA provides practitioner development and practice support to pharmacists and is the custodian of pharmacy’s professional practice standards, guidelines and code of ethics.

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