PSA launches training for extended supply of oral contraceptive

This Women’s Health Week the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) has launched the NSW – Contraception Essentials training as onboarding begins for the next stage of the New South Wales Pharmacy Trial.

The statewide trial, run by the University of Newcastle, authorises pharmacists participating in the trial to continue a prescription for the resupply of certain oral contraceptives for eligible women aged from 18 to 35 years.

Pharmacists must meet specific requirements to be eligible for participation, and completing the appropriate training is mandatory.

PSA New South Wales President Luke Kelly FPS urged pharmacists to complete their training with PSA ahead of the trial’s start date.

“Improving safe access to contraception is essential to improving health care for all Australians,” Mr Kelly said.

“PSA is proud to be leading the way in pharmacist education and supporting the development of pharmacy scope of practice.

“PSA has developed a comprehensive training course tailored to the NSW oral contraceptive trial, arming pharmacists with the latest clinical information and giving them the skills and knowledge for the continuation of appropriate contraception.

“This is about making sure that Australians can access contraception when and where they need it,” Mr Kelly said.

NSW Pharmacists can now enrol in the NSW – Contraception Essentials training program here.

For more information on the NSW Pharmacy Trial, visit NSW Health.

Text: PSA. 

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