PWC partner in digital drive

PricewaterhouseCoopers has been awarded a $530,000 contract as part of Queensland Health’s focus on rural and remote healthcare in the state.

PWC will develop a “digital plan” to guide the transformation of rural and remote health facilities throughout Queensland on their journey to becoming fully digital.

The project is part of the state’s Digital Health Strategic Vision for 2026, in which digital healthcare options are said to “open up new possibilities for healthcare accessibility and delivery”.

‘My health, Queensland’s future: Advancing health 2026’ outlines a vision for healthcare in Queensland, underpinned by four strategic directions:

  • Promoting wellbeing – improving the health of Queenslanders through concerted action to promote healthy behaviour, prevent injury and illness and address the social determinants of health.
  • Delivering healthcare – the core business of the health system and improving equitable access to quality and safe healthcare in its different forms and settings.
  • Connecting healthcare – making the health system work better for consumers, their families and communities by tackling funding, policy and delivery barriers
  • Pursuing innovation – developing and capitalising on evidence and models that work, promoting research and translating it into better practice and care.

The document also states: “Transformation is required as healthcare service delivery models change from provider-focused models to consumer-centric models and, in order to enable this transformation, a number of challenges need to be considered.”

The challenges listed include digital readiness, equity, engagement, funding and regulation, cyber security and privacy, change management and service redesign.

The strategic vision will be reviewed annually through a ‘digital health check’ to monitor progress.

The full document can be viewed here.

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