RACGP: cheaper meds a relief amidst rising costs

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) applauds the 60-day dispensing policy, saying it will bring immediate benefits for some of Australia’s most vulnerable people.

The 60DD policy will double the amount of medicines that pharmacists can dispense for stable conditions, on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), from 30 to 60 days – saving patients at least $180 a year and more if they’re taking multiple medicines, says the RACGP.

“This is progressive policy, and it puts patients first,” says RACGP President Dr Nicole Higgins.

“60-day dispensing will make a big difference for some of the most vulnerable people in our communities, who are struggling with rising costs.

“It will save patients at least $180 a year, and more if they’re taking multiple medicines, as well as reducing trips to get medicine, and freeing up GP appointments for other people who need them.

“Many people living with chronic and ongoing conditions in Australia will see immediate benefits.”

Dr Higgins adds that “the government is reinvesting all saving from [the 60DD] back into community pharmacy, plus providing an extra $148.2 million to help regional and rural pharmacies adjust to the change”.

“This is important and the RACGP welcomed it,” she says.

“Australia needs a strong and sustainable primary care sector, with GPs working in teams with other specialists, pharmacists, allied health and nurses, for the best outcomes for our patients.

“Because everyone needs access to high-quality care, no matter where they live or what they earn.”

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