Real-time prescription monitoring welcomed

The announcement by Queensland Health of its commitment to introduce a real-time prescription monitoring system has been welcomed by the Pharmacy Guild’s Queensland branch.

Guild Queensland Branch President Professor Trent Twomey said such a system would combat ‘doctor shopping’ and reduce preventable deaths across the state.

“Providing immediate access to real-time information about patients’ prescription history of monitored medicines will help health professionals make the best and safest decisions,” he said.

“Pharmacists are well placed to provide referral or appropriate treatment and support for patients with drug dependency concerns. However, a real-time monitoring system is required in order to identify and protect these patients.

“We have seen the success of real-time monitoring systems in Victoria and know it has a positive impact on the community and helps to save lives.

“The Guild strongly supports and welcomes the inclusion of a real-time monitoring system in Queensland to help prevent avoidable deaths.”

Professor Twomey added that the Queensland solution would be integrated with the federal government’s National Data Exchange for the provision of real-time prescription information across states and territories.

“The introduction of real-time prescription monitoring is an important pillar of the quality use of medicines practices by all health practitioners for the benefit of patients across Queensland,” he said.

“The Guild looks forward to this crucial initiative and the expeditious passing of this important legislation.

“We look forward to working with the Queensland and Commonwealth Departments of Health to ensure the successful implementation of this vital medications service.”

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