Revolutionising pharmacy education: LRNRX

Pharmacy consulting company Meitheal Services has launched an innovative learning platform LRNRX a mobile application designed to meet the needs of both pharmacists and pharmacy assistants. Scheduled for release at PSA24 National Conference, LRNRX promises to revolutionise the way pharmacy professionals access and engage with educational content.

LRNRX is set to combine the principles of “Learning in the Flow of Work,” ensuring that learners receive timely, relevant training that enhances knowledge retention and application. This comprehensive platform offers a wide range of on-demand courses, microlearning modules, virtual simulations, and CPD-accredited content, all accessible via mobile devices for ultimate convenience.

Krysti-Lee Patterson, Founder and Managing Director of Meitheal Services, states, “[W]e created LRNRX to address the unique learning needs of the pharmacy community. Our goal is to provide a flexible and accessible learning platform that empowers pharmacy professionals to excel in their roles and deliver exceptional patient care. With LRNRX, we are setting a new standard for on-the-job pharmacy learning.”

Key Features of LRNRX:

  • On-Demand Learning Resources: Easily accessible courses and materials,
  • including videos, quizzes, and downloadable guides.
  • Microlearning Modules: Engaging, bite-sized content tailored for quick
  • consumption and immediate application.
  • Live Meetups: Webinars inbuilt within courses to enhance learning and enable
  • learners to ask questions and engage with instructors.
  • Just-in-Time Training: Targeted learning materials available at the moment of
  • need, enhancing practical skills and knowledge.
  • Interactive Community: A vibrant community space for discussions, direct
  • messaging, and social learning.

Register Today!

Pharmacy professionals are encouraged to register now to gain early access to LRNRX and be part of the next generation of pharmacy education. Visit to sign up and stay updated on the latest news and launch details.



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