Supporting pharmacists around medicinal cannabis

In the June issue of Retail Pharmacy, we spoke with the team at CanView to learn more about how the group can assist pharmacists working with patients when it comes to cannabis products prescribed to relieve a medical condition.

Please tell us about CanView. How did the group come about?

When medical cannabis was legalised in Australia, doctors struggled to navigate complex regulations, while pharmacists grappled with where and how to order products.

The result was a disjointed patient experience. CanView was designed to solve these issues by connecting prescribers, pharmacies and patients with its seamless workflows and process management solutions.

What is the aim of the group?

To provide a single destination where doctors, pharmacists, suppliers and patients can seamlessly integrate and benefit from a streamlined, user-friendly ordering experience, ultimately resulting in an improved, positive experience for patients on their medical cannabis journey.

How can CanView support pharmacists in the medicinal cannabis space?

CanView’s connected ecosystem allows pharmacists to receive, order and dispense medical cannabis prescriptions online. CanView is a single destination to access Australia’s widest range of cannabis medications, including viewing and ordering stock.

The platform gives pharmacists time back in their day by eliminating the need to set up multiple supplier accounts (each with its own requirements) and by streamlining the manual paperwork normally required for compliance.

CanView is more than just an ordering platform. It gives pharmacists the knowledge and resources to provide the best service and grow their businesses.

Benefits that elevate the medical cannabis dispensing process include:

  • Digital catalogue for quick and easy ordering.
  • Live and transparent stock-level viewing.
  • Auto-matching functionality for products and dosage forms based on TGA approvals.
  • Receiving script and TGA approvals direct from prescribers.
  • Automation of MB/MAP storage.
  • Documenting auto-recognition for improved order accuracy and increased dispatch efficiencies.
  • Electronic submission of goods received acknowledgements.
  • Order history, approvals and tracking linked with patient profiles for better management.
  • Built-in compliance features.

What makes CanView stand out from similar companies/groups on the market? And why would pharmacists choose to work with CanView around medicinal cannabis?

CanView is the only online platform in Australia to offer pharmacists, patients and prescribers access to a majority of medical cannabis products (230-plus) on the market. Unlike other platforms, CanView’s unique agnostic nature means the platform is not restricted to one brand, clinic, product or prescriber.

The artificial intelligence behind its document auto-matching feature is the first of its kind in Australia’s medical cannabis industry. Mitigating human error, CanView automatically flags when a script does not match a TGA approval, and prompts the prescriber to find the correct product or approval before the script can be completed.

In turn, pharmacies are never presented with an incorrect script that is unable to be dispensed, and patients avoid experiencing extended wait times for their medication while the issue is rectified.

Through CanView, prescribers can generate prescriptions via a step-by-step template, and store prescriptions and approvals in one location before sending them direct to pharmacy, which reduces a substantial amount of cumbersome administration and mitigates countless issues and errors.

Given CanView facilitates correct prescribing practice, pharmacies using CanView reduce time spent chasing prescribers for accurate documentation or engaging in conversations about correctly writing a medical cannabis script.

How can pharmacists start working with CanView? What are the steps required for a pharmacist to work with the group?

CanView’s nationwide, dedicated team of medical science liaisons are available to answer any questions or conduct a demo of the platform.

Request a callback:
To register with CanView, visit:

Where can pharmacists learn more about CanView?

This feature was originally published in the June issue of Retail Pharmacy magazine. 

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