Sydney is in real trouble as numbers spike overnight

With 44 cases recorded overnight and 29 of those cases active in the community NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian has announced stricter restrictions for Greater Sydney.

Only two people can exercise together at the same time – unless they are part of the same household. People must also exercise within their own local government areas and/or not travel more than 10kms for exercising purposes.

In addition, only one person per household can go out shopping “for essential items” and from this Sunday 12 July, funerals can only be attended by 10 people.

Ms Berejiklian also reiterated the message that “nobody is allowed into your home unless they live there.” The main message is to stop people visiting each other as the highly contagious and transmissible Delta variant is quickly spreading from suburb to suburb in Sydney.

“I need every body to be shocked. NSW is facing the biggest challenge we have faced since the pandemic started,” Ms Berejiklian said.

She also said that unless there’s a “dramatic change in numbers” she sees no chance of lifting the lockdown measures by next Friday.

“At the moment, the numbers are no heading in the right direction.

“After 18 months, we are all fatigued and stressed but don’t use the rules that are in place to get around them.”

The overall message for all Sydney-siders, not just those in the most affected areas is “do not leave your home, your household, unless you absolutely have to.”

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