Take three tips with travel

With many Australians travelling to see relatives during the summer, this is a good time for pharmacists to be educating customers on safe travel with medicines, according to Webstercare Managing Director Gerard Stevens.

He has provided three tips aimed at giving customers peace of mind regarding their medications this holiday season.

The following are among the simple steps he suggests pharmacists can encourage customers to take to ensure they are well prepared for travel over the holidays:

Be aware of options. Customers should be informed about the options available to organise their medications for the duration of their holiday.

Pack a medication profile. When customers are on medications, especially life-saving ones, it is of great concern if they run short a long way from home. Often, it’s critical that they don’t miss a dose, and being able to explain exactly what should be taken in what dose can be an issue. Carrying a medication profile should be encouraged.

Check legality issues: If travelling overseas, customers should be reminded to check that their medication is legal. Many people don’t realise that some medications that are legal in Australia may be prohibited overseas.

Mr Stevens suggests that if customers are travelling with prescribed medicine, pharmacists can advise them to keep it in the box with their name and the pharmacy sticker on it.

“If they’re taking a large amount of medication with them, it’s wise for them to get a letter from their doctor stating why it’s necessary,” he said.

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