The Guild’s 2025 vision

The Pharmacy Guild has released CP2025, its strategic plan for community pharmacy, including a nine-point ‘framework for change’.

The plan has been developed in partnership with strategic advisory firm Pottinger along with market research company Orica and is based on detailed market research, stakeholder involvement, expert input and business consultation.

The Guild says CP2025 is intended to give community pharmacies a plan to help them build stronger businesses, while the accompanying framework for change summarises the Guild’s strategic thinking to help pharmacies respond to the trends impacting them.

“The community pharmacy of 2025 is not a pharmacy as we understand it today,” Guild National President George Tambassis and Executive Director David Quilty said in a joint statement. “It is a community health hub that builds on a core expertise in medicines and facilitates the provision of an array of essential, cost-effective products and health services to an empowered and informed consumer.”

Looking towards 2025, the framework for change identifies:

  • Nine growth pathways to help pharmacies plan a viable future.
  • Trends impacting community pharmacy.
  • Market research relevant to community pharmacy.
  • Practical advice for quick wins.
  • Patient and medicine trends.
  • Why pharmacies need to evolve, and what could happen if they don’t.

In addition, the framework for change contains materials and practical advice to get pharmacies started on their journey towards 2025, including a ‘what do I do now?’ and ‘who do I talk to?’ section for each of the nine growth pathways.

Further information on the CP2025 project is available at and queries can be directed to the Guild National Secretariat on 02 6270 188

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