Transition of 6CPA programs

Administration of the 23 Community Pharmacy Programs funded under the 6CPA will transfer on February 1 from the Pharmacy Guild to Australian Healthcare Associates (AHA).

The AHA will administrate the programs under the name ‘Pharmacy Programs Administrator’, to which all new claims should be submitted from that date.

The Guild and the Pharmacy Programs Administrator (PPA) have released further information regarding the transition arrangements, details of which can be found online at  and

Information is provided under the following headings:

  • Transition overview – Claims processing.
  • Support Centre.
  • Pharmacy Programs Administrator – Registration and Claiming Portal (New Portal).
  • Guild – 6CPA Registration and Claiming Portal (Old Portal).
  • Program Specific Transition Information.

The Guild and the PPA say they are committed to working closely together to make the transition of services as smooth as possible.

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