TWC pharmacies fight against Covid-19

TerryWhite Chemmart announced it has already clocked more than 55,000 bookings across its network, with the number of vaccinating pharmacies expected to grow to over 400, which will turn the network into the largest community pharmacy brand delivering Covid-19 vaccinations in Australia.

TWC CEO Duncan Phillips says the team has been working hard to ensure its network was ready to get as many Australians vaccinated as possible to increase vaccination rates and help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

“At TerryWhite Chemmart we have invested significantly in resources, systems and training to support our network of vaccinating pharmacies to deliver a safe, professional and efficient vaccination experience for all Australians.

“Our vaccinating pharmacists have been entrusted to deliver one of the most critical public health services they will likely face in their lifetimes and ongoing support for them is critical”, says Mr Phillips.

“We have been providing hands on operational support for onboarding, enlisted subject matter experts in each state as a direct resource for all our vaccinating pharmacists and are in constant communication with the network to ensure everyone is up to speed with the latest updates which, let’s be honest, can change by the day. And building confidence through peer-to-peer support is key which is why we have held a webinar attended by more than 400 pharmacists from across the network eager to understand best in practice workflow from some of our current vaccinating pharmacists,” he says.

“We are committed to supporting our network with everything they need from the best in class booking systems to manage first and second dose bookings, ongoing training and development as well as giving them access to a suite of impactful marketing tools to let their community know they are now open for bookings and ready to vaccinate. We really have left no stone unturned as we join this most important fight against Covid-19,” says Mr Phillips.

Pharmacy owner Kaail Bohm from TerryWhite Chemmart Delroy in Dubbo NSW – which has seen more than 2000 bookings come through in just his first week – is thankful for the unwavering support during what has been a particularly stressful period for the Dubbo community.

“Covid has really challenged us all, especially those of us working in vulnerable areas, and the team at TWC has worked really hard to ensure we are never alone as we face these challenges,” says Mr Bohn.

“From the education offered for both pharmacists and pharmacy assistants through webinars, online modules and our BDMs to the resources provided through the TWC communication platform and regular email updates to keep us on top of the ever-evolving Covid crisis.”

“All of this has helped myself and my team provide a clear and uniformed message on the benefits of being vaccinated and instilled us with the confidence we need to support our Dubbo community during these times.”



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