A new choice for symptomatic relief of mild anxiety

There is a new OTC option for mild anxiety, nervous tension and improving sleep quality in adults. Seremind is available without prescription in pharmacies across Australia.

Menarini’s Seremind contains silexan, claimed to be a specially prepared and patented lavender oil that has been clinically tested. The silexan in Seremind is promoted to help to restore balance to hyperactive nerve cells, helping to relieve the symptoms of mild anxiety.
The Australian Anxiety Report commissioned by Seremind has revealed that 66 per cent of Australians do not seek help for mild anxiety as they don’t want to experience harsh side-effects of medication. The report also highlighted the perceptions of stigma in Australia, with one-in-two respondents reporting they do not seek medical help for fear of being labelled with mental health issues.
The manufcturer says Seremind is not known to cause addiction, dependency or symptoms of withdrawal when discontinued.
“Mild anxiety is common and so many of my patients experience anxiety symptoms at some stage in their life. This can include finding it hard to stop worrying, difficulty concentrating, feeling irritable or disturbed sleep, as well as somatic complaints such as palpitations and light headedness,” Sydney GP Dr Ginni Mansberg, said.
Disturbed sleep is the most common symptom of mild anxiety, with the poll revealing 62 per cent of Australians who suffer from mild anxiety experienced disturbed sleep in the last four weeks.
Delaying treatment can lead to the development of severe or chronic disorders or increasing co-morbidities.
“Mild anxiety can have a significant impact on a person’s life and the arrival of Seremind offers pharmacists a new treatment option to discuss with their customers who may be looking to take action to relieve their symptoms,” Menarini General Manager Glen Godresse said.
Clinical trials have shown that key ingredient silexan improves both mental and physical wellbeing.
Seremind claimed to be is well tolerated with a known safety profile. The treatment is said to have no known drug interactions, including with oral contraceptives, and relieves mild anxiety without causing sedation, weight gain, or sexual dysfunction.
Pharmacy-only medicine, Seremind is taken as an 80mg soft capsule once daily with water.

References available on request.

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