Action plan for community pharmacy in 2025

‘Community Pharmacy 2025’ (CP2025), an action plan for the future of the industry, will be the topic of a key plenary session at the Pharmacy Connect 2018 Conference in September. <intro>

The major strategic planning research project from the Pharmacy Guild of Australia will enable community pharmacies to prepare for the likely direction of the industry.

Pharmacy Connect Convenor Kos Sclavos says the plan will be laid down with a realistic vision and roadmap to allow pharmacies to take the steps necessary towards the identified pathways.

“This session will bring delegates up to speed on the likely direction of the sector and what it means for anyone in the industry from pharmacy owners to pharmacists and industry representatives,” he said.

The action plan has been developed from insights and data gathered at APP2018 last month.

Pharmacy Connect will be held on September 7-8 at the Hilton Sydney. The event has been designed to meet the need for an industry conference that allows pharmacists, business owners and the wider sector to stay abreast of changing regulations and new business opportunities.

The Community Pharmacy in 2025 session will be held on Saturday, September 8 at 4.15pm. For a full program and to register for Pharmacy Connect, visit

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