Agency invests in local industry to design software for specialists

The Australian Digital Healthy Agency has partnered with Australian software organisations to design world leading software for specialists.

Nine specialist software vendors, including Zedmed and Clinic to Cloud, have received $40,000 to integrate the My Health Record into their current systems, to bring benefits to specialists, including cardiologists and anaesthetists.

It has been said that the Agency will work with each vendor’s design teams to co-produce improvements in design with their users.

Easy access to the My Health Record system in public and private settings is expected to improve continuity across care settings.

According to Associate Professor Mark Lane, President of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, real-time access will enable specialists to make more informed decisions about patient care and ultimately improve outcomes.

“This initiative is a positive step forward. It will help bridge the gap between medical specialists and other healthcare professionals in the end-to-end management of patient information,” added CEO of Genie Solutions, James Scollay.

Agency Chief Operating Officer, Bettina McMahon said: “We want to support our local clinical information system vendors to integrate the My Health Record into their software in a way that encourages specialists to embrace these systems in the same way they’ve embraced other technology.”

Medical software is vital to patient care, according to Medical Software Industry Association President, Robert Best.

Making improvements to design and integrating software is, according to Mr Best, ultimately about improving patient outcomes through “more informed data-led decisions at the point of consultation”.

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