Amcal launches new vaccine campaign

Boosting its health service-led offering, earlier this week Amcal Pharmacy launched a new campaign designed to bring its suite of vaccinations, including Covid-19, travel, family and flu, into one, convenient patient-centred solution.

The aim of the Your Vaccination Destination campaign, which is said to be backed by a strong customer marketing program, is to increase the frequency of customer engagements in-store, franchise partners will be provided with access to new training and resources to support their pharmacy teams throughout the campaign, and vaccination season more broadly.

Your Vaccination Destination is about optimising the services we already offer to not only make it easier for patients to access them but increase opportunities for our franchise partners to strengthen customer-patient relationships,” says Head of Amcal, Kurt O’Brien.

“Pharmacy is typically reliant on the promotion of vaccination during certain peak times, such as flu season, but we’re throwing out the rulebook to present a compelling consumer message – we are the one destination, dispensing all vaccinations, year-round. 

“Vaccinations have always been, and particularly over the past 12 months, one of our most popular health services with demand only expected to increase as we respond to new Covid-19 variants and prepare for international borders reopening.

“Introducing Your Vaccination Destination is the first step to an expansive plan for our pharmacies to prosper as this momentum continues – ensuring they have the support and tools they need to provide people across Australia with their year-round vaccinations,” he says.

Training and support for Amcal’s pharmacy teams on Your Vaccination Destination is reportedly already underway with a library of industry-leading resources to help pharmacy teams navigate the complexity of state-based regulations and patient queries including branded customer FAQs on every vaccine type, step-by-step guides, checklists for set-up and competitive vaccine deal sheets.

“We’ve equipped our teams with a range of materials and comprehensive training to support them in offering expert advice to their customers on vaccinations – from hepatitis A to whooping cough, our pharmacy teams have got it covered,” says Mr O’Brien.

Reportedly, in 2021, Amcal experienced a 410% surge in vaccinations compared to FY20 across all categories with this number expected to increase again in 2022.

Online booking tool

To effectively manage customer bookings and reduce pharmacist admin time, Amcal has introduced a new online Booking Tool for all health services, including vaccinations.

“The newly launched Booking Tool forms part of a wider commitment to ensuring our pharmacy teams are prepared and supported for the upcoming vaccination season,” says Amcal Chief Pharmacist, Brinley Hosking.  

“The online platform makes it easy for our customers to log in, select a category and book the vaccination they, or a family member, need at their local Amcal pharmacy, year-round.

“We’re always looking for new ways to make Amcal’s expert health advice more accessible to our patients and introducing simple yet effective measures to get our customers in for their vaccinations is a step toward improving our patients’ health and wellbeing outcomes.”

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