APC Board approves accreditation standards for Pharmacist Prescriber education programs

The Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) Board has approved the Accreditation Standards for Pharmacist Prescriber education programs.

APC was engaged by the Pharmacy Board of Australia (PharmBA) to develop these Accreditation Standards to complement PharmBA’s previous work on pharmacist prescribing. APC will now provide PharmBA with the Standards which signals the end of the year-long project.

From 20 November 2023, education providers can apply to the APC to have their programs accredited against APC’s standards.

APC Chair Associate Prof Sue Kirsa says accreditation is a critical enabler for enhancing safety and quality of health care and expanding scope and improving access to medicines by the community.

“We are committed to supporting the growth and expansion of pharmacist roles whilst assuring safety and quality in pharmacy education.

“APC is now firmly recognised as a leader and expert in the development of accreditation standards. Our standards are evidence-based and ensure pharmacists who have completed an accredited program are competent to practise safely within their scope.

“We thank everyone who has contributed to the consultation process. APC looks forward to receiving applications from education providers,” Associate Prof Kirsa concluded.

For further information, email accreditation@pharmacycouncil.org.au

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