APP2024 opened, 8CPA Heads of Agreement announced

APP2024 was opened by Professor Trent Twomey,  National President
of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia today (March 14).

Professor Twomey welcomed community pharmacists from around Australia. He thanked the state governments of  Queensland which has supported the widening of the scope of practice and is leading Australia. Professor Twomey reflected

“As a nation, we take for granted just how dependable community pharmacies are.
It often takes excepeptional circumstances to highlight this defining trait of our profession.
Unfortunately, over the past few years there has been no shortage of exceptional circumstances.
These events have put the spotlight on how community pharmacies are dependable and there when patients need them.
During drought, pharmacies help their communities by developing payment options for those facing tough times.

“During bushfires community pharmacies step up, delivering by boats to get much-needed medicines to patients cut off by flames. We dispense without payment because payment systems are blacked out.We fill prescriptons by lantern or torch light when power is cut – as we did in the afterermath of Cyclone Jasper earlier this year.
During floods, we move stock to safer ground and continnue our services.
We volunteer at relief centres and ensure communities continue to get the care they need.
But even without exceptiononal circumstances, communities can depend on their pharmacies.” Professor Twomey said.

Professor Twomey also announced that a Heads of Agreement for a new Community Pharmacy Agreement has been signed by the Commonwealth Government and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. The Heads of Agreement reflects an intended Australian Government investment of an additonal $3 billion in community pharmacy, and in cheaper medicines.  The full details of the measures contained in the Heads of Agreement remain to be finalised by the parties as soon as practicable; and the parties will use their best endeavours to agree an 8CPA commencing from 1 July 2024.

Professor Twomey said
“I understand that you will have many questions. You will want to know what this Heads of Agreement will mean for your community pharmacies.
Your Guild is not at liberty to divulge the finer details of the Heads of Agreement because we still need to settle the final agreement.”

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