Approval for testosterone replacement gel on PBS

Testosterone replacement therapy Testavan has been listed on the PBS.

Described as a “novel, hands-free, transdermal gel therapy”, Testavan has been available since August 1 for the estimated one in 500 organically hypogonadal men who meet reimbursement criteria.

The hypogonadal men are confirmed testosterone deficient by clinical features and biochemical tests.

Based on Ferring Pharmaceuticals’ “advanced skin technology”, the proprietary transdermal gel technology is said to enhance bioavailability of testosterone through the skin.

Peak serum testosterone levels are claimed to occur between two and four hours post-Testavan application when applied in the morning, mirroring the hormone’s natural diurnal rhythm in men.

“As clinicians, we welcome the availability of new treatment options on the PBS to help manage hypogonadism and, ultimately, improve patient outcomes,” Perth endocrinologist Professor Bu Yeap said.

The metered dose dispenser’s 23mg testosterone starting dose (one-pump actuation) is contained in 1.15g of gel. The highest recommended dose (69mg in three-pump actuations) is contained in 3.45g of gel.

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