NPSA defends value of CSO wholesalers role

The National Pharmaceutical Services Association used the Pharmacy Guild’s 2019 Pharmacy WA Forum in Perth to “dispel myths and present facts” about the work of CSO wholesalers.

The NPSA said that for 6.5 per cent of total PBS spend, CSO wholesalers uphold a commitment to Australian patients on behalf of the federal government to deliver the full range of PBS medicines nationally, and generally within 24 hours.

“There is still a widely held view in the industry that CSO wholesaling is simply a matter of moving boxes, and that doing so costs the government too much money,” NPSA Chair Mark Hooper said.

In order to fulfil their commitment, he said, wholesalers must buy, hold, range, pick, pack and deliver all 6,200 PBS products, which requires significant investment in technology and infrastructure.

“Ultimately, as we approach 7CPA negotiations, we want all industry stakeholders to understand the huge value for money we provide the government,” Mr Hooper said.

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