Blackmores ‘Good Health Changes Everything’ focus

Blackmores released its new campaign on 10 October, highlighting the new vision for the company as people continue to prioritise their wellbeing during the pandemic.

With a focus on Good Health Changes Everything, the campaign, which highlights the brand’s evolved position, is reportedly based on the insight that good health unlocks our ability to experience the best that life has to offer.

It’s said to capture the transformative power of good health and wellbeing – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s report, The first year of Covid-19 in Australia: direct and indirect health effects (2021), millions of Australians have been left feeling worse than before the pandemic regarding their physical and mental wellbeing.

This is compounded by the Accenture Covid-19 Consumer Pulse survey highlighting that 75 per cent of respondents agreed a lasting societal impact will ‘increase the focus on health’.

Blackmores Group Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer, Joanne Smith says: “From our research, we’ve seen a strong desire from people to achieve a naturally healthy life and greater control over their wellbeing.

“However, we also know that our health goals can be easily derailed by life’s challenges, and this has never been felt more strongly than it has over the past 18-plus months.

“We’ve had a profound reminder that good health is at the heart of what we value most and living a healthy lifestyle supported by natural health can play a major role.

Good Health Changes Everything is an empowering celebration of what good health means to our consumers and the important role that Blackmores products play in supporting them in achieving their health and wellbeing goals.”

Under the leadership of Blackmores Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Alastair Symington, the new campaign is said to symbolise the evolution of the company.

With strong roots as an advocate of natural health throughout its 90-year history, Blackmores Group is said to strive to bring nature and science together to improve health outcomes, supported by the Blackmores Institute and deep knowledge of research and education.

“Good Health is at the heart of everything we value as a business,” says Blackmores Group CEO Alastair Symington.

“It is a new creative direction for Blackmores, one which consumers tell us is both contemporary while still honouring the unique philosophy and the enduring Blackmores story as a pioneer in natural health.

“We feel this is perfectly timed as the country heads towards 80% vaccination rates and Australians are feeling empowered to take back control of their well-being. As a leader in providing natural health solutions for almost 90 years, you can trust that we are ready to help anyone who is starting out or re-engaging on their personal health journey.

“At Blackmores, our purpose is to empower the best of health in everyone, naturally. We have such a rich history that has shaped the conversation around natural health for the better.

“This is something we will continue to take with us into the future, locally and globally – whether it’s to our ever-expanding consumer base in Asia, which now includes India or our home base here in Australia,” he says.

Good Health Changes Everything launched on air Sunday 10 October 2021.

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