Blooms The Chemist Becomes Australia’s First B Corp™ Certified Pharmacy Brand

B Corp status paves way for Blooms The Chemist’s store network to undertake Certification

Blooms The Chemist has made history by becoming the first pharmacy brand in Australia to achieve B Corp Certification for its Support Office (Blooms The Chemist Management Services Ltd).

The significant milestone, which coincides with B Corp Month, is recognition of Blooms The Chemist’s long-term commitment to implementing better business practices and delivering on social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

“Over the past few years Blooms The Chemist has been on a journey to redefine what it means to be a responsible business in today’s environment, guided by our purpose to build a future where everyone, everywhere has access to good health and wellbeing,” said Blooms The Chemist’s Chief Executive Officer, Emmanuel Vavoulas.

“B Corp Certification is a tremendous milestone, and we are all incredibly proud of the achievement, and to be pioneers in purpose-driven business practices among the pharmacy sector in Australia and globally,” he said.

B Corp, or Benefit Corp Certification is managed by B Lab, a non-profit entity that focusses on corporate, social, and environmental responsibility. Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

The certification process involved a rigorous 18-month assessment that required the Blooms The Chemist Support Office to meet measurable standards across business operations including employee benefits, charitable giving, supply chain practices and input materials, to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability.

Blooms The Chemist joins a growing list of more than 470 businesses in Australia and New Zealand to achieve the Certification, and more than 6000 globally, who use their business practices as a force for good.

Pamela Bishop, Blooms The Chemist’s Chief Operating Officer, says the B Impact assessment will be a framework for continuous improvement across Blooms The Chemist’s operations.

“Becoming a B Corp validates the actions Blooms The Chemist Support Office has implemented and is a big motivator to strive even further. It demonstrates to our people and the industry that we are accountable for delivering a positive impact on people and planet, and that we can run a better, more optimised business focussed on continual improvement.

“The certification differentiates our brand and will be a positive force in attracting and retaining talent, and shows our customers we are committed to the highest standards of social and environmental performance.

“Although our journey toward B Corp Certification started in 2020, Blooms The Chemist has a long history of spearheading considerate and impact-focussed strategies that accelerate our corporate social responsibility plans,” she adds.

Some of Blooms The Chemist’s initiatives that were integral to successful B Corp Certification include:

  1. Defining the brand’s purpose, ensuring people and their wellbeing are at the forefront of business objectives.
  2. Implementing new initiatives such as an Employee Assistance Program, paid wellbeing days, volunteer days, and more balanced parental leave.
  3. Establishing and completing the brand’s first modern slavery audit, addressing risks of modern slavery in the supply chain.
  4. Implementing a sustainability action plan, including a move to 100% fully renewable energy for the Blooms Support Office.
  5. Continuous support of community and charitable organisations, including charity partners, and a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Ms Bishop said the announcement paves the way for Blooms The Chemist’s Support Office to assist any Blooms The Chemist Pharmacy-owner within the network who may wish to undertake a B Corp Certification.

“Our core value of being a truly community-minded pharmacy network putting people first in everything we do is instilled across every level of our business, from Support Office to our Pharmacist-owners, and why we believe many of our Blooms The Chemist pharmacies would make excellent candidates for B Corp  Certification.

“The B Corp community continues to grow, and our certification sends a powerful message to our industry that we can advance change in our sector to deliver positive impact and help solve social and environmental problems,” she adds.


Text by: Blooms the Chemist

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