Don’t forget your teeth this festive season

While the frantic end-of-holiday rush is upon us, the Australian Dental Association (ADA) is reminding everyone to remember about your teeth this festive season.

The holidays are often a time when the good habits formed throughout the year are left by the wayside.

While balance is key, it’s important to maintain healthy habits during the holiday season, especially when it comes to your teeth.

This holiday season dentists reveal the common reasons to think about your teeth. These include:


“Just because your kids don’t have school sport doesn’t mean they should head outside without their trusty mouthguard,” advised ADA Oral Health Promoter, Dr Mikaela Chinotti.

“Dentists often see children presenting in their practices during the holidays with traumatic dental injuries that could have been prevented, or the damage reduced, had they been wearing a mouthguard.”

Sugar Consumption

Sugar intake often goes up over the holiday season with the increased consumption of sugar-laden food and drink.

“Drink tap water instead of sugar drinks to help prevent decay,” said Dr Chinotti. “Water is best as it keeps your body hydrated (and) is sugarless… so it’s better for your teeth.”


Another part of the holiday season that people don’t often associate with tooth decay is alcohol.

Dr Chinotti suggests limiting alcohol consumption due to its acidic and sugary content.

“To minimise the damage some alcoholic drinks do to teeth, we advise people to drink plain water between your glass of wine, beer or mixer, to rinse the mouth and stay hydrated. The drier your mouth, the more damage sugars and acids from alcohol can do,” Dr Chinotti informed.

Emergency Care

While some dentists have reduced holiday coverage, the ADA has a list of dentists in each state, which can provide emergency care.

These include:

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