Learn to trust your gut

To reduce health taboos, Metamucil is using humour and cultural milestones (the recent federal election) to drive consumer awareness of their brand and spark conversations about gut health.

The new Poolitical Party called on all Australians to trust their gut. The Gut & Nugget Alliance had hit the campaign trail to make a splash. The Poolitical Party wasted no time in creating a stink, launching a brand new campaign ad. Armed with a solid team, the ‘Gut & Nugget Alliance’ had promised to give the country the push it needs.

With a firm stance on a range of issues, the party was urging Australians to make a change for the health of our nation.
Speaking about the campaign, party leader, Mr Nugget said: “We believe we can give this a good run and convince voters that we’re their number one choice.
“I understand there’s a lot to digest with some of our policies, but I do-do believe we need to make a change for the nation’s greater good, so I will be sticking my nose into Aussie business to wipe away any doubts they might have when heading to the polls.”

Mr Nugget’s trusted confidant and deputy leader, Mr Gutsy, said: “We trust that voters would have ingested the policies from each party, and not be too hasty to poo poo them. However it’s always important to listen to your gut and make an informed decision when casting your vote.”
Gut & Nugget Alliance Campaign Manager, Ms Metamucil said: “To vote for the Gut & Nugget Alliance, vote number two on your two-ply ballot paper.”
Elect to drink Metamucil daily to stay regular and support a healthy gut.”

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