Driving innovation and better outcomes in pharmacy

More than 250 supplier partners gathered for TerryWhite Chemmart’s (TWC) annual Supplier Forum, which was held in Melbourne on 26 July.

During the forum, TWC unveiled key plans and initiatives that drive better business outcomes for TWC Network Partners while ensuring a strong return on investment for its supplier partners.

The event showcased new marketing initiatives, education and training programs, and CareClinic offerings aimed at fostering better health outcomes for communities nationwide.

Investing in health and care

Nick Munroe, TWC Executive General Manager, acknowledged the essential role played by the supplier partners in understanding the evolving needs of customers and investing in programs that drive better health outcomes.

“Our 550-plus communities benefit greatly from the ongoing belief and investment delivered by our key supplier partners. Together, we are navigating the changing landscape of health and care across Australia,” he said.

Empowering with innovation

As part of their commitment to enhancing customer experience, TWC shared their roadmap for augmenting both the physical store network and the digital presence.

A notable focus was on increasing investment in the myTWC health app, eCommerce, and digital marketing initiatives to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

TWC emphasised the success of the recently launched TWC Care Clinic program.

Through core services across vaccinations, health checks and medication services, along with exclusive partnerships with key suppliers like Sanofi and Metagenics, the programs offer specialised health services targeting chronic and acute conditions, ultimately delivering better patient outcomes and significant returns on investment.

Partnering with Ovarian Cancer Australia

TWC’s commitment to giving back to the community was highlighted by its ongoing support for its charity partner, Ovarian Cancer Australia (OCA).

Over the past year, the brand raised over $322,000 for the charity, more than doubling previous contributions.

This achievement was bolstered by a new supplier and brand-led initiative embraced by 19 leading pharmacy brands, the TWC network and customers who shopped the ranges.

“Our partnership with Ovarian Cancer Australia spans 18 years, and it is through the support of our pharmacy network, customers and dedicated supplier partners that we can make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by this devastating disease,” Mr Munroe said.

TWC’s call to action

TWC invites its supplier partners to continue with them on a journey of innovation and purpose and provides suppliers with a unique opportunity to drive and position their investments to help TWC attract more customers to the pharmacy network.

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