Eagle and football clubs partnership

Eagle Natural Health has announced a partnership with leading NSW football clubs, the NSW Waratahs and South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Under the direction of South Sydney Rabbitohs and NSW Waratahs Sports Dietitian Ryan Pinto, this partnership provides both teams with HASTA/ASADA-approved vitamins and supplements to support players’ performance on and off the pitch this season.

“I’m a big supporter of quality practitioner-only nutritional supplements and believe that, as part of a formulated nutrition plan, they can play an important role in helping to prepare these elite athletes for a long, challenging season of football,” Mr Pinto said.

“Consumers can ‘follow the lead’ of these elite athletes and strive to live up to their own everyday potential by working with their health practitioners to develop a tailored plan for healthy eating, stress management and overall health and wellbeing.”

The partnership aims to help raise awareness of Eagle Natural Health products and will be promoted through digital and social-media campaigns.

The NSW Waratahs kicked off their Super Rugby season as one of four Australia-based teams on February 24, while the South Sydney Rabbitohs’ first National Rugby League competition match for 2018 was on 10 March.

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