Export to China via DaigouSales eStore

DaigouSales.com is a WeChat marketplace developed specifically for Australian businesses wanting to sell products into China. DaigouSales.com was established by China expert Dr Mathew McDougall to give Australian businesses the ability to sell to consumers in China via buying agents (known as daigou).

This week, Australian Health Products Central (AHPC) launched its flagship eStore in the DaigouSales.com marketplace, which enables Australia-based daigou to buy products directly from the group, which stocks quality Australia- and New Zealand-based health products. Through the DaigouSales.com logistics services, orders from the eStore are delivered directly to their buyers in mainland China.

“This will be the only official online location for daigou consumers to buy products from the group and participating Pharmacy Alliance members,” Co-owner and Executive Chairman of the Pharmacy Alliance Simon Reynolds said.

“Australian Daigou will now have access to 30,000 pharmacy products on this eStore and this effectively enables consumers in mainland China to buy products through DaigouSales.com as if they were locals within Australia.”

AHPC President Xing Mao today said: “The establishment of an eStore on DaigouSales.com will help our suppliers and ‘mum-and-dad’ pharmacies across Australia to increase sales by selling and exporting products to China.”

For more information visit: www.pharmacyalliance.com.au, www.daigousales.com

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