Flu vaccinations from age of 10 plus in Tasmania

Pharmacists across Tasmania will soon be able to administer flu vaccinations to children from the age of 10-years-old.

The Tasmanian Health Minister the Hon Michael Ferguson announced that as part of Tasmanian Department of Health Winter Demand Management Plan 2019 that pharmacists will be able to administer flu vaccinations to those aged 10 years and older.

Currently pharmacists in community pharmacy can administer vaccinations for those 18 years and above.

The Pharmacy Guild Tasmanian branch President John Dowling said: “This is a fantastic announcement by the Minister, which will help protect Tasmanians by making access easier.

“Pharmacists have been providing influenza vaccines in community pharmacies for a number of years with more people requesting their flu vaccination at their local pharmacy.

“This is an excellent step to ensuring that more people can protect themselves from the flu, by having their vaccination at their local pharmacy in Tasmania.

“This provides a convenient and safe service to consumers, where now Mum or Dad can take their younger children to the pharmacy for their vaccination.

“Additionally, older independent teens are now able to present at the pharmacy to receive their vaccination, at a time when convenient, after school as an example.

“It’s great to see Tasmania taking the lead on what is looking like a severe season for influenza, and being the first state where pharmacists can vaccinate from 10 years plus.”

Pharmacists are skilled health care professionals and ensure that vaccination services are undertaken where they meet all required clinical and legislative protocols, including recording of vaccinations to the Australian Immunisation Record.

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