Gov’t issues advice for pharmacists dispensing PBS medicines in areas affected by bushfires

The Department of Health today issued an advice for approved pharmacists supplying PBS medicines to patients in areas affected by Queensland and NSW bushfires.   The advice can be viewed in PDF format here.

The advice covers

  • Patient Entitlement
  • Dispensing medicines under the 3 day emergency supply rule without a prescription
  • A pharmacist may dispense using the ‘owing prescription’ provision
  • Continued Dispensing
  • Medicines subject to the 4/20 day PBS rule
  • PBS Authority line 1800 888 333 (PBS) 1800 552 580 (RPBS)
  • Medicine distribution arrangements
  • Telecommunications impact on PBS online
  • Claiming – Missing prescriptions/no paperwork
  • Emergency relocation of a pharmacy

Issued by the Pharmacy Branch, Technology Assessment and Access Division, Department of Health

12 November 2019

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