Guild working towards 2025

With the 6CPA nearing the end of its third year, the Guild says it is focused on the negotiation of the 7CPA and the future of community pharmacy in 2025 and beyond.

In preparation for the negotiations, the Guild is asking for input on the critical issues that will frame the 7CPA and the future of community pharmacy at an interactive session held at APP on Sunday May 6.

The session, which will be facilitated by Guild National President George Tambassis, Executive Director David Quilty and 7CPA Negotiating Lead Trent Twomey, will explore a broad range of initiatives and issues facing community pharmacy as it sets its sights toward 2025.

“From community pharmacy’s role in primary healthcare and professional services through to digital health and the advent of disruption in every element of our community, this session will present vital information on the challenges and opportunities ahead,” Mr Tambassis said.

“This session will also allow delegates to have their say on the 7CPA via an interactive survey, as well as voicing their views directly to the Guild’s senior leaders.”

A major strategic planning project into the future of community pharmacy, known as CP2025, will also be presented in the session.

“The purpose of CP2025 is to lay down a realistic vision and roadmap for community pharmacies,” Mr Tambassis said. ‘CP2025 is being led by the Guild’s National Council with input from Pottinger, which has significant experience providing strategic and financial advice across a variety of sectors, and Orima, which has undertaken the market research.”

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