Keeping rheumatoid arthritis in check 

Delaying treatment for autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis can lead to increased permanent joint damage and disability.

New information and resources from the Targeted Therapies Alliance, funded by the Australian Government Department of Health, provide people with information about the rheumatoid arthritis journey from diagnosis to treatment.

This is complemented by a number of other resources from the Targeted Therapies Alliance about rheumatoid arthritis and two other types of inflammatory arthritis – psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis.

The resources include a roadmap for each of the conditions, which explains to people what to expect in the diagnosis and management of their inflammatory arthritis, including self-management techniques, the use of medicines and appointments with the healthcare team.

A low-dose methotrexate action plan has been developed to clear some of the myths about methotrexate and encourage people with rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis to discuss treatment with their rheumatologist.

Further resources include a decision-making tool to support people with rheumatoid arthritis to feel more informed and clearer about what matters most when considering reduction of so-called ‘biological’ or ‘targeted’ medicines (bDMARDs and tsDMARDs).

“Treatments for inflammatory arthritis can be complex,” CEO of Arthritis Australia Jonathan Smithers says.

“These resources provide practical tools and information to help people understand their medical treatment, as well as other strategies they can use to manage their condition.”

Organisations representing specialists, pharmacists, consumers and research experts make up the Targeted Therapies Alliance. With funding from the Australian Department of Health, the alliance provides stewardship and direction around the safe and wise use of specialised medicines used to manage inflammatory arthritis.

For more consumer information on Targeted Therapies Alliance program, visit the Rheumatology conditions for consumers page.

Click here for more information on Targeted Therapies Alliance.

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