Minfos launches its online full line product catalogue

Minfos has launched an online product catalogue that features more than 500,000 products sourced directly from suppliers.

The pharmacy management software program is part of the Ebos group, which says the new functionality is aimed at helping pharmacies improve efficiency when managing their product stock cards.

Now, Ebos says, customers can search the catalogue to find products, suppliers and relevant information such as barcodes, descriptions, ordering codes and Minfos national product numbers, all from one convenient place.

“We understand the importance of having accurate product information and how pivotal it is for pharmacies to manage their inventory,” Ebos General Manager Pharmacy Technology Andrew Hall said.

“By bringing this capability online in an easy-to-use solution, Minfos continues to help our customers be the best retailers they can be.”

Managed by a database team, the online Minfos product catalogue is promoted as helping customers obtain products or supplier codes that they do not have within their Minfos store-level database.

The online catalogue is aimed at delivering a high level of data integrity, which Ebos says could help customers avoid errors and discrepancies.

For more information contact Minfos on 1300 887 418.

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