Nectr and Pharmacy Guild delivers energy relief for community businesses

Nectr and Pharmacy Guild delivers energy relief for community businesses

The Pharmacy Guild and Australian Solar, battery, and energy specialist Nectr have announced a deal to deliver more affordable energy to member pharmacies across NSW and ACT from February 2024.

From February 2024, the exclusive deal available to around 2,000 Guild Member Pharmacies in NSW and the ACT will deliver competitive electricity rates and energy plans, priced 20-30 per cent below the Default Market Offer. The Pharmacy Guild appointed Kristina Photios, Director of Business Green Energy to source and structure the deal.

John McDonald, Head of Merchant Energy at Nectr says the partnership with the Pharmacy Guild (NSW Branch) provides more affordable energy solutions for small to medium businesses.

“Small businesses are often overlooked when it comes to energy relief. Nectr’s partnership with the Pharmacy Guild will help businesses within the Guild access more affordable energy deals. It will ensure that pharmacy owners can sideline their energy bill concerns, to focus on their vital work in supporting members of the community,” said Mr McDonald.

“This is an industry leading partnership that will pave the way for the energy sector and small businesses to work together to make energy more affordable for everyone.”

“Traditionally, these types of partnerships were usually reserved for larger industrial energy users and energy suppliers, but at Nectr we believe that opening opportunities to all business types and sizes will present greater benefits to the broader community in the short and long term,” Mr McDonald added.

David Heffernan, NSW Branch President of the Pharmacy Guild, said the deal was all about securing better value for members.

“We know that rising electricity prices are of serious concern to our members,” said Mr Heffernan.

“This deal will offer electricity prices well below market rate. Members could see savings of up to $1,000 per pharmacy per year.”

Nectr is listed in the top 10 of Greenpeace Australia’s 2022 Green Electricity Guide and secured Canstar Blue’s Green Excellence Awards 2022.



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