Oli6 ‘good for gut’

New research findings showing Oli6 goat’s milk formula is good for gut health is expected to boost sales for the Australian-made milk formula.oli6

A three-year study by Melbourne’s RMIT University analysed cow’s milk formula, fresh goat’s milk and Oli6 goat’s milk formula. Scientists found the Oli6 formula contains 14 naturally-occurring prebiotics oligosaccharides (olis), five of which are also found in human breast milk.

Olis feed helpful gut bacteria, instrumental in supporting immunity and digestive health, maintaining a healthy weight and influencing brain function.

The study also measured the potential of different types of milk, formulas and artificial prebiotics to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and reduce gastrointestinal infections.

Not only were the natural olis in Oli6 formula effective in promoting beneficial bacteria (bifidobacteria), they were also found to inhibit the ability of harmful bacteria such as pathogenic E. coli to attach to human intestinal cells. Almost one third of all cases of diarrhoea in children are attributed to pathogenic E. coli bacteria.

Oli6 formula has achieved rapid growth over the past four years, with the goat’s milk formula category now worth more than $105 million a year, accounting for nearly 11 per cent of pharmacy formula sales.

Oli6 is now stocked in more than 1,000 pharmacies, and last year launched into Chemist Warehouse in an exclusive deal as the only Australian goat’s milk formula stocked across its 370 stores. It is also sold through 200 independent supermarkets.

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