Panadol’s bold ‘beyond the pill’ message in campaign

GSK Consumer Healthcare Australia has launched a new local brand campaign for leading pain relief brand Panadol via its strategy and creative agency, whiteGreySydney.

The campaign was inspired by the behavioural insight that Australians are looking for more holistic ways to manage their pain relief without relying on pills alone.

National Executive Creative Director at whiteGrey Sydney, Chad Mackenzie, says the insight presented Panadol with an enormous opportunity to become part of a broader pain conversation by proving its commitment to offer consumers support and pain relief beyond the pill.

“Challenging the way Australians treat, prevent and deal with pain is a bold conversation for Panadol,” he said. “It positions them as a brand that can empower Aussies with tools, advice and initiatives to help them conquer all forms of pain.

“It’s about encouraging Australians to rethink how they care for themselves, suggesting that every positive change, no matter how small, can make a difference.

“We love the fact this message extends beyond medicinal care and enters a conversation of wellness and wellbeing, moving away from the pain moment to pain causes and prevention. It’s a bold move and one which we, as an agency wholeheartedly support.”

As part of the ‘Let’s rethink care’ campaign, GSK Consumer Healthcare and whiteGrey have introduced an activation featuring ‘healthies’, a preventative day off when someone is feeling run down or in need of a day off to look after themselves before they get sick.

“Healthies essentially tap into the Australian psyche of chucking sickies and turning that thinking on its head and suggesting that waiting until we’re really sick might not be the best way, so why don’t we take a ‘healthie’ instead,” Mr Mackenzie said. “It’s just another way the Panadol brand is extending its relevance to consumers in their busy lives.”

GSK Consumer Healthcare ANZ Area Marketing Director Nick Boyden said: “Panadol has been a trusted brand for pain relief for decades. To stay relevant, it’s important we continue to put our consumers first, to understand how their pain and lives are changing and ensure the Panadol brand is still supporting healthier, pain free lives. The ‘Let’s rethink care’ campaign provides an opportunity for us to do this in a relevant way as we move beyond the pill and become part of a bigger conversation.”

The fully integrated campaign is being launched this week and will be seen across TV, internal collateral, digital, online video, website, PR, social and shopper. The campaign is expected to  grow and evolve through 2020 across other media including OOH, cinema and radio.

The campaign can be viewed here:

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